Policy Patty Toolkit

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How It Works

We will work with your teams to get a deeper understanding of your unique business challenges—and help you solve them. Typically, this would involve the following steps:

STEP 1: Assess - We assess your needs - what has to be reviewed, why, what exists, who needs to be involved, and so forth.

STEP 2: Identify - We identify the measures to be taken based on the results of the assessment.

STEP 3: Plan - We plan what needs to be done and set key dates as well identify key stakeholders.

STEP 4: Remediate - We carry out the remediation measures and report on progress based on your needs.

STEP 5: Maintain - We define measures to be carried out to maintain the new or enhanced controls and processes.

In addition, we offer periodic advisory support to help address any unique challenges that you may face with your program or controls or to perform a periodic review.


Our methodology and deep knowledge of industry best practices will help you get the best results and in the most cost-efficient manner.


Policy Patty Toolkit can help your organization improve its current programs, controls, and processes.

Coverage Areas - develop, enhance or assess your organization's key programs 

  • Policy Governance and Program
  • Records and Information Management Program
  • New Product Approval Program
  • Cybersecurity Program
  • Data Protection and Privacy Program
  • Identity Theft Prevention Program
  • Business Continuity Program
  • Third Party / Vendor Governance and Management

Core Documents - assist with developing or updating key documents 

  • Codes of Conduct
  • Policy Documents

Tools - create tools to assist with the development, enhancement, maintenance or assessment of programs, controls and processes

  • Program Assessments
  • Checklists
  • Forms and Templates

  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Training and Communications  

Here are some samples of our works:

Program Outlines and Roadmaps

Process Workflows