Policy Patty Toolkit 

Making the world a little more compliant one toolkit at a time.

About the Owner 

As an experienced legal and compliance professional, founder Patty P. Tehrani has successfully executed strategic and tactical solutions to support risk management, governance, and compliance controls. These have included key responsibilities such as:

Proven Leader

  • Led efforts to design and/or continuously enhance controls and processes
  • Instituted and led governance forums to effectively engage stakeholders

Excellent Communicator and Author

  • Written practical guides and timely articles on governance, risk, and compliance controls and functions
  • Developed and delivered communications, training and workshops that fostered stakeholder awareness and knowledge
  • Prepared periodic clear, reliable and timely reports and metrics to track, report and gauge efforts

Successful Project Manager

  • Successfully managed and executed projects

Knowledgeable Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Professional

  • Established and maintained policy programs, policies, controls, tools and best practices in response to existing and emerging legal, compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Published various articles, blogs and the CCO Toolkit Series 1.0

Effective Collaborator

  • Collaborated with organizational leaders and key stakeholders on the implementation of effective controls and practices

Strategic Thinker

  • Designed strategic measures for program, process and control development, enhancement and remediation
  • Developed tactical solutions to address compliance, risk management, and policy governance requirements